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Seasonal allergies are frustrating.

As soon as the weather starts to warm up and going outside finally becomes desirable, allergies make going outside miserable. Then you’re left with two options:

  1. Go outside to enjoy the nice weather.
  2. Stay inside like a hermit, but feel somewhat okay.

What’s worse is that sometimes staying inside doesn’t even seem to help. Sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose seem like and unavoidable curse during allergy season.

We can’t really do much to allow you to enjoy the outdoors more during allergy season. Fortunately, though, we can help you enjoy your home more. I mean, you might as well enjoy it since you’re going to be spending more time at home anyway.

Why Your Allergies Are Still Bad Indoors

You may have noticed that your allergies aren't that much better inside. Why is that? Well, it might be because your home has about just as much pollen in it as outside does. This actually is pretty common if you haven’t had your carpets cleaning in a little while by a professional.

Your carpet and upholstery are an important defense in your fight against allergies. They help trap pollen and dust floating around in the air and keep them from...well...floating around. This helps keep your air clean and your sneezes to a minimum.

If you haven’t had your carpets and upholstery cleaned in a while, then your carpets and upholstery are probably so full of dust and pollen that they no longer can keep it out of the air for you. Think of it like an air filter in your car that you haven't replaced in a while. To make matters worse, when you walk on your carpet you stir up the allergens that are trapped in your carpet. The more full of allergens that your carpets are, the more allergens you send into the air by walk around. 

“We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? - Marcus Buckingham

Staying cooped up inside isn’t the funnest thing is the world, but if your in a clean house it is a lot better. The problem is that cleaning isn’t fun. That’s the beauty of hiring a professional to do it for you. You don’t have to clean and they clean better than you can, anyway.

Take it from me. Having a clean home is going to make your allergies better, your home more fun to be in, and your allergy season better.

What To Do In Your New Clean Home

Once your home is clean and your indoor allergies are better, it's time to do things that keep you from going crazy. 

Here’s a list of things that you can do in your new clean home to weather the storm that is allergy season.

1. Read a book

Books are one of the oldest forms of entertainment, because they’re amazing. Maybe read something about business, self actualization, or just read Harry Potter for the 10th time. The possibilities are endless!

2. Take an online course

I am a big fan of using down time for self betterment. There are dozens of reputable places where you can take online classes. is a personal favorite. So go learn something new and become a better you!

3. Make a pillow fort

I don’t feel like I need to expound on this one too much, but get it touch with your inner child. Plus, watching a movie from the comfort of a pillow fort is the ultimate way to view in comfort.

4. Feng Shui your home

Rearrange your belongings in a new and exciting way to help the energy of your home have a better flow. This can help you not get too bored being at home, because it will help it feel fresh and new.

5. Paint something

Expressing yourself through painting can be exciting and fun. Not an artist? No big deal! Paint anyway. There are even “paint by numbers” made for adults that can get you started if you don’t know how to begin painting.

6. Binge watch your favorite TV series

This is most people’s go to when they are stuck inside, but it’s a goodie. Pass the time by watching your favorite show or start a new series and grow to love it.

7. Take up cooking

Cooking is like art that you get to eat! Learning how to make delicious food with your own hands is one of the funnest hobbies to have. Plus, people love being friends with people that know how to cook.

8. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

Adult life is crazy and it is easy to drift away from people who used to mean so much to you. Give one of your old friends a call and see how they’re doing, reconnect, and maybe even make plans to see them. You’ll be glad you did.

9. Clean out your closet

If you’re like me, you probably have a million clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Take the chance to pull out all the stuff that you haven’t worn for the past year and create a pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill. You’ll be surprised at how much more space you’ll have in your closet afterward.

10. Take an amazing nap

Similar to bears sleeping through the Winter, sometimes it’s best to try and just sleep through allergy season. Put on some comfy clothes, brew some chamomile tea, turn on the fan for some white noise, and take the best nap of your life. When you wake up, you’ll be that much closer to allergy season being over.