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Westcoast Chem-Dry Family Holiday Photo

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time for fun and traditions! For a lot of us, holidays are a great time to be with family and friends but we need more to do than just hearing in-laws rant about politics. If you need some winter inspiration this season, we have some ideas for you! These are all things that you can reasonably accommodate with supplies from your local grocery store (no backed up shipping needed here!).

Here’s some of our favorite winter activities to keep us busy:

  • Homemade Candies - There’s a wide variety of candies that you can make at home with fairly little skill and easy to find ingredients. Some of our family favorites are gingerbread caramels and chocolate truffles - yum! They’re great to ruin our diets and drop off to friends and neighbors, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The kids can help out in the kitchen, too!
  • Drive Around Enjoying Decorations - This will vary by town, but this is a holiday classic for us. When we were growing up, we looked forward to driving through a nice neighborhood that was well-known for going to the nines with their decor. Throw on your favorite tunes, crank up the heat, and take a cruise wherever has the best decorations!
  • Movie Marathon - Is there a series that your family loves? We recommend Back to the Future if you’re looking for nostalgia or Harry Potter if you have plenty of time to kill. There’s always holiday classics like A Christmas Story or Hallmark rom-coms, but sometimes it’s more fun watching James Bond or your favorite Disney movies.
  • Playing in the Snow - Despite popular opinion, this idyllic winter pastime can be done almost anywhere. If you’ll be somewhere with natural snowfall, snowball fights, building snowmen, or making snow forts are all great for memories. If your family is more inclined to stay at the beach (or wherever it’s warm), you can find fake snow or snowballs, often called sensory snowballs, for just a few dollars. Check your local grocery or craft supply store to see what’s available. A lot of fake snow feels surprisingly real and won’t melt on your floors!
  • Silly Photos - We love to have a nice family photo but let’s be honest, no one likes taking the photos. Our solution is to make the photos fun and silly! Ugly sweaters are all the rage, so that’s an easy way to spruce up your pictures. You’ve probably also seen the photo “recreation” trend online. While you’re together with the family, it could be a good chance to find an old photo and make an updated version!

It’s possible that we’ve left out a great tradition, so feel free to take this list and add to it. Make them yours! From all of us at Westcoast Chem-Dry, we want to wish you a very happy holiday season and happy new year!