6 Simple Tips to a Tidier Home this Summer | Westcoast Chem-Dry
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Let’s face it.  Keeping a clean and tidy home is easier said than done!  Life can get pretty hectic with all of our attention focused on so many things.  We tend to get used to our own clutter and who has the time?Tidy home

Don’t lose hope!  The good news is that if you dedicate a small amount of time each day, there are simple and quick ways to help you whip your house into shape!  

Here are 6 tips that you can start doing today:

  1. Make your bed:  Start off your day with simply making your bed.  Organize your decorative pillows and extra covers the night before in such a way that it goes quickly.  A bed shouldn’t take more than 90 seconds and you will be shocked at how much better you feel when your eye glances that way!  When a day starts off productively, it tends to continue to do so throughout the rest of the day. 

  2. Go through your closet:  Sorting out your closet Konmari style (all at once) might seem overwhelming and tends to make us put it off.. indefinitely.  Take 2 minutes (time yourself)  to look at 10 pieces of clothing in a group each day.  If you have not worn it in 2 years, then it should go!  Keeping old clothes is just cluttering up your closet, do yourself a favor and donate them to have a new life with someone else!  By doing this each day, you will have decluttered your closet by the end of the summer!

  3. Open your mail immediately:  One of the biggest clutter offenders is the mail!  What’s the first thing we do when we go out and get the mail?  We put it on the counter where it can stay for days, maybe even weeks!  This makes it hard to even know what we have been mailed.  Make a specific spot to put all mail and open it immediately.  Toss advertisements, envelopes and excess paper immediately into your recycle bin!  Put bills and important papers into a folder or sorter.  Your counters will stay tidier!

  4. Organize your pantry:  The pantry is a place that is often neglected.  Having a freshly organized pantry will help you know what food you have and what you need to restock.  Organize your food by type and don’t “overstock” the shelves.  You want to be able to see what you have so that things don’t spoil.  Set a time for 3-5 minutes and just work on a section each day.  When you can see what you have, you will most likely eat it instead of forgetting you have it!

  5. Create a cleaning chart:  Most of the time we wait until the weekend to tackle the cleaning and chores that must be done.  By creating a cleaning chart and dedicating 30 minutes each day to space out the vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc. your weekends will be cleared up for free time and the cleaning will actually get done!

  6. Clean your carpets:  Vacuuming can get the job done, for the most part, but some dirt is hard to get rid of.  Let Westcoast Chem-Dry do the work! Westcoast Chem-Dry cleans carpet with their carbonating extraction process that dries within 1-2 hours, which is a lot quicker than a lot of other processes available.  Consider calling today for a great price and cleaning experience!  Click here to learn more.