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Spring cleaning is finally here! Bringing life into your home once again after the long winter months is much needed because, let's face it, your house can get turned upside down! How long have those dust bunnies been in the corner? Who knows. But don’t worry, we are here to remind you to clean these 6 forgotten things in your home.

Spring Clean These 6 Forgotten Things

6 Forgotten Things

  1. Floorboards:

    These are many times overlooked when cleaning, everyone is too concerned about getting the floor itself clean. But your floorboards are just as important to keep tidy! Not cleaning your floorboards will make dirt and grime harder to remove over time.

  2. Light Fixtures:

    We use our light fixtures almost everyday, but do we remember to dust them? Hardly ever. Especially since using fans in the summertime will blow more dust around, cleaning your light fixtures is a must!

  3. Vents:

    Your vents are probably covered in dust, due to the fact that we are always using them no matter what time of the year it is! Removing the dust bunnies on it will allow them to work even better than before.

  4. Pantry Shelves and Corners

    The pantry is where your food lives, should it be a place with grime and sticky spots? No! Show your pantry some love by wiping down the shelves and floor. Don’t forget to clean the corners as well!

  5. Under Heavy Furniture

    Lifting your heavy furniture to vacuum underneath may be exhausting in the moment, but your home will feel as good as new! Maybe you will even find your lost chapstick you’ve been wondering about.

  6. Get Your Carpets Cleaned by Chem-Dry

    Westcoast Chem-Dry uses an amazing carpet cleaning process that will leave your home cleaner and healthier. A regular vacuum is no match against Chem-Dry’s cleaning solutions! Click here to receive a FREE quote!